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My grandparents | Year 1956

Something is ending and something begins...

As a child I used to spend a lot of time with my grandmother. Being born in artistic family she always had an eye for unique pattern and a rare talent of observation. 

I remember fresh summer evenings when we used to sit on a terrace of our summer house and just watch the sun go down. She taught me how to see and appreciate these little charming details of a moment which we all tend to miss in a rush of our lives.

Our country house was full of old furniture, paintings and books which were expelled from family`s city apartments as non-relevant or not fitting into a context.

I often spent my book-worm time sitting on a very stiff but full of grace antique sofa filled with horse hair. I still remember those beautiful cherry tree carvings and a worn-off almost unidentifiable pattern of it`s upholstery. 

I liked to imagine those long-gone times when this sofa was still a centerpiece of my grand-grand mother`s living room. The interior they`ve had and their lifestyle. I thought about my grand mother still being a little girl in her white Sunday dress playing with a porcelain doll on this very same place.

The romance of Victorian era had to give it`s way to the early 2000`s when I entered my Financial Management studies. Once getting free from my cubicle - on my regular holiday trips all around Europe I would never miss a flea market or an antique shop. 

Touching this atmosphere will always make me feel at-home and give a sense of belonging to something beyond our daily routines. Something full of history, charm and wisdom.

Today, over a decade later, when my career is on a firm track and I`m here with my own family around me, I finally have a time to fulfill something I was always meant to do.

PrettyDifferentShop is a reflection of my soul, my story and a fantasy world we all dream about.

My grandparents | Summer 1956My grandparents | Summer 1956




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