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Que Hier Que Demain Pendant Rosemonde

Are you looking for something unique for your beloved ones?

“Love consists of this: two solitudes that meet, protect, and greet each other.”  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or any special moment in your life, look no further than Qu’Hier – Que Demain pendants!

A Augis Love CoinQu’Hier, Que Demain Love Coin (source PDS)


The beautiful and sentimental phrase “Qu’Hier, Que Demain” typically found engraved in these vintage pendant originates from Mrs. Rosemonde Gerard’s poem addressed to her beloved husband Edmond Rostand, the famous French writer of Cyrano de Bergerac. 

Mrs. Rosemonde Gerard

Mrs. Rosemonde Gerard | Source Wikipedia

 Such medals were made in France from early to mid-twentieth century and were given to loved ones as a promise or pre-engagement gift; the names of the couple were often engraved on the back of the pendants.  These tokens were rather popular.  Unfortunately, many of them were lost, and they are not so common on vintage market places any longer.

Check out the Qu’Hier, Que Demain pendants we have available in our shop.  These particular charms were crafted by a renowned goldsmith Alphonse Augis, who lived and worked in Lyon, France, from 1905 to 1950`s.  They are hallmarked on the medal’s face with "A.A". The medal is solid 18k yellow gold set with a grey gold-accented "+" sign and a "-" sign set with three shiny rubies. 
The inscription reads: " + Qu'Hier - Que Demain", which translates from French as: "I love you (+) more than I did yesterday and less (-) than I will tomorrow.” What a beautiful and full of sentiment saying, isn`t it? 
Augis Love Coins | Source PDS
Qu’Hier, Que Demain Pendants | Source PDS
Take a moment to remember what really matters most this Valentine’s Day and every day—each other.  May your life be filled with joy, peace, strength, and love!
PDS Team
Vintage A Augis Commercial | Source Wikipedia
A Augis - vintage commercial | source
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